Nautel NV5LT 5 kW with integral digital exciter

Nautel NV5LT 5 kW with integral digital exciter

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Outstanding Efficiency 5,5 kW analog power
Model/Varenr.: NA-NV5LT

Meet the new NVLT Series for analog FM broadcasting.

Proven NV Series Architecture
Highest Efficiency in its Class: 72%
Intelligent VS Series Features
Exceptional Value
Based on the proven NV Series architecture, they're built tough with integrated direct-to-digital exciter(s), parallel power amplifiers, parallel power modules and switching power supplies.

With the unmatched intelligent features of the VS Series including Nautel's local/remote AUI control system via Ethernet the NVLT Series helps you save time, save trips and save money.

Each design is optimized to offer the features you want without the extra cost for external combiners, exciters, control systems, instrumentation, or system rack.

Add the highest efficiency in their class and the NVLT Series packs more value than any comparable transmitter.

Based on the proven architecture of Nautel's extremely successful NV Series transmitters, the NVLT incorporates parallel LD-MOS power amplifiers, parallel power modules, multiple fans, and switching power supplies to eliminate single points of failure and ensure maximum on-air performance.

The NVLT Series compact, easy-to-handle and service, vertically-oriented power module has four amplifiers, each capable of providing 750 Watts, for 2,500 Watts nominal power and 3,000 Watts maximum power per module. The module provides a single RF input, a single RF output, and allows for optimal cooling and air flow with six cooling fans and a heatsink.

To maximize value and achieve class leading performance in the NVLT Series, Nautel engineers integrated a true direct-to-channel digital exciter. That means crystal clear audio and outstanding value considering that digital exciters of this quality usually sell for over US $10,000.

Plus, there are more useful, time-saving capabilities than there is room here to describe: streaming input, RDS generator, audio spectrum analyzer, powerful presets, scheduler, instrumentation, play lists, Nautel PhoneHome, IP audio, and more.

NVLT transmitters feature Nautel's renowned Advanced User Interface (AUI) offering the industry's most sophisticated local and remote control, instrumentation and monitoring. In addition a front panel LCD provides quick control of key functions.

Advanced control features include:

RF and audio spectrum analyzers
Comprehensive monitoring and control
Extensive logging of all events
SNMP support
Email notifications



Access the AUI locally with a direct CAT-5 cable connection or remotely via the internet. Years of system development effort gives you immediate access to almost any parameter imaginable, whether at the transmitter site or from the comfort of your living room. 100% of the local NVLT Series display functionality is available on any web-enabled device.

Imagine knowing in advance what parts and tools you?ll need at the transmitter site. Having that much control remotely can help you avoid trips, save time and save money.



Nautel is the first and only manufacturer to offer transmitters implementing Axia?s Livewire Studio to Transmitter Audio over IP Workflow. The result is a seamless digital IP audio path from a host of Livewire compatible devices directly into a Nautel transmitter ensuring outstanding audio purity via a CAT-5 cable.

SHOUTcast? and IceCast streaming input provides even more audio source options. Consider that over 40,000 stations worldwide stream their audio to the Internet using SHOUTcast and IceCast. Now the NVLT Series gives you added flexibility by supporting these streaming services as a transmitter playout option.

Streaming support opens up many new possibilities for broadcasters including the option to stay on-air by transmitting the stations SHOUTcast stream in the event of a failed STL.




NVLT Series transmitters accept a broad variety of IP, digital and analog inputs and give you the opportunity to define automatic fail-over modes should an input be disrupted.

Nautel added a USB port so that you can connect megabytes of local storage. Use the storage to store content or even load up the songs and content using an internet connection.

Once you have audio loaded it can become part of the automated back up audio capability should all other connections fail.



Nautel?s PushRadio? builds on the local audio storage capabilities of Nautel?s NVLT transmitters and leverages the AUI control system.

PushRadio allows audio files and playlists to be uploaded to the transmitter, which then plays the content locally. A scheduler allows broadcasters to automate switching audio inputs, playlists, processor or other settings based on time and date rules. A powerful playlist editor provides drag and drop editing.

From anywhere in the world, you can set-up basic automation capabilities, send new content as audio files, and send updated playlists to the transmitter, which then plays the content locally. Small stations gain added programming flexibility while networked broadcasters can dramatically reduce program distribution costs, improve reliability and facilitate local content.




Orban?s premier audio processing can be integrated directly into an NVLT transmitter via an optional $1,200 plug-in DSP card.

Nautel?s Orban Inside offers features of the Optimod 5500 Series digital processor with 5 band processor and dual band window-gated AGC.

Utilizing the Nautel AUI, users have full control over processing functions.

Orban Inside accommodates L+R, AES/EBU, LiveWire, SHOUTcast and USB player inputs.



The NVLT Series transmitters achieve up to 72% overall efficiency. That is the best in the industry and is calculated with the full featured exciter included.

High efficiency means less energy is wasted as heat, which reduces cooling and ventilation costs. The resulting savings could amount to thousands of dollars over the life of your transmitter depending on your local power rates.

Efficiency also results in the ability to reduce green house gas emissions by thousands of metric tons over the life of your NVLT transmitter.

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