TBC Consoles SmartTrac ST3E-1T (electric)

TBC Consoles SmartTrac ST3E-1T (electric)

25.708,00 DKK

SmartTrac V2.1 Workstation Console, Shark Grey - height adjustable
Model/Varenr.: TB-TBC-ST3E-1T
TBC SmartTrac ST3E-1T V2.1 Console

Shark Grey 3DL (Thermofoil) standard finish with ergonomic chamfered front edge.
Stable leg design with levelers: Anodized aluminum leg and steel foot with silver finish

 Shark grey 3DL standard finish.
 Fixed-height base standard.
 Optional electric base with digital preset controller.
 Ergonomic desktop with rear device track.
 Sit/stand lift capacity: 250+ lbs (113kg).
 Full size cable core 18
 Range of height adjustability from 25" - 51"

Please note: Rear Panel is optional!

Sit/Stand option available - Electric base with height adjustable (range from 25-51") presets for multiple users and sit to stand
functionality with ergonmically placed controller.
Rear Trac for articulating monitor arms, speaker arms and other accessories.
I-Core technology enclosure with rear access, vertical
divider for power/data and optional powerstrip
Cable + power management compartment

TBC's SmartTrac console systems have achieved extraordinary popularity due to their world class ergonomics, quality all aluminum construction and good looks. Unique to this class of console, SmartTrac's removable turrets, rear device 'Trac' and generous cable core with integral power management combine with optional height adjustability for any application that requires a sit stand desk. Each console can be accessorized to personal preference with a variety of articulating monitor arms, CPU holders, speaker mounts, task lamps, and other accessories.

SmartTrac V2 technical furniture also provides an enhanced ability to gang individual workstation components to form complete Master Control and Production Control consoles for broadcast furniture. These configurations have also been used successfully in a variety of other industries including Security, Process Control, Dispatch, Power Utilities, Command and Control, Network Operation Centers and Transportation. There is virtually no application that SmartTrac cannot handle at a cost that is significantly reduced from other standard "full body" console systems."

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