Complete On Air Studio - 12 fader AEV Mixing Console

Complete On Air Studio - 12 fader AEV Mixing Console

70.045,00 DKK 81.223,00 DKK

12 fader console, 4 mics and headphones, YellowTec stands

Model/Varenr.: BSE-OAS1

ON AIR STUDIO- a complete Start up Studio package containing the following:

(Please note, that the items in the picture can vary and might not display the correct devices)


Qty P/N Description
1 AF-ACUO-912 AEV Acuo 912 On air broadcast mixing console 12 fader, telephone hybrid
2 TC-DIAL 103A Dial 103a Interface GSM Gateway FXS low cost
1 HP Pro Desk 400 G5 HP Pr Desk 400 G5 Minitower or similar for Radio Automation
2 Monitor Screen 21,5/22"
1 YT3412 YellowTec m!ka Set 3: Dual Monitor Set
1 DI-300158222E Jazler Radio Star
4 SC-PROCASTER Røde Procaster Dynamic Studio Microphone 1"
4 SC-PSM1 Røde PSM1 shockmount for Pod og PROCaster
4 TM-YT3205 YellowTec m!ka On Air Microfone Arm M Aluminium
4 TM-YT3215 YellowTec m!ka Table Through Mount
1 NB-Y16-M50-1 NotaBotYet Tally Helper 500 Interface for up to 5 Yellowtec On Air Mic lights
1 DR-60881685 D&R On Air Light incl. PSU
4 SN-506845 Sennheiser HD280 Pro closed dyn.studio headphones
1 AH-LDHPA6 LD Systems HPA6-19" 6 channel Headphone Amplifier
4 CA-41-031 Neutrik NC3FXX XLR Female cable connector nickel
4 CA-41-032 Neutrik NC3MXX XLR Male cable connector, nickel
4 SC-CAB901-3 Procab Microphone cable XLR-XLR 3 meter
1 SC-TAS-CD400UDAB Tascam CD-400U DAB/FM media player CD/USB/SD
1 TH-219292 Studio Desktop Rack 19" / 4HE Graphit Black
1 SC-F-PM0.4C-B Fostex PM 0.4c Studio Monitor Set of 2-Black
3 SC-CAB800-1,5 ProCab 2 x RCA male > 2 x RCA male - signal cable 1,5 m
1 SC-CAB610-1,5 ProCab cable stereo jack > jack male1,5 meter

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