Echo Gina 25

Echo Gina 25

2.996,00 DKK 3.592,00 DKK

Breakoutbox with 2 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs
Model/Varenr.: XX-Echo Gina 23
PCI bus master interface
Dynamic Range of 108dB (A-weighted) on inputs and 110db (A-weighted) on outputs
Two Balanced +4dBu TRS inputs
Eight Balanced +4dBu TRS outputs
Frequency Response: 10Hz - 22kHz, ±0.25dB
Headphone output with volume control
Both ADAT optical and S/PDIF digital inputs and output
Digital audio input connector for CDROM and DVD drives
Syncs to other Echo 24 bit products
Software Console for monitoring, metering, and setting levels
Compatible with Windows 95/98/ME. Beta drivers are available for Windows 2000/NT/GSIF and Mac. BeOS coming soon.
Compatible with all popular recording/editing software
Full duplex operation (simultaneously record two analog channels while playing back eight analog channels)
Will record analog and digital inputs simultaneously
Includes mixer application for audio outputs, monitor assignments, volume, and metering
Includes Syntrillium Softwares Cool Edit Pro - Special Edition multitrack recording/editing software (Win 95/98)

Gina 24 joins Layla, Mona, and Darla 24 as the latest in high quality recording products from Echo. Gina 24 offers 2 in 8 out balanced 1/4 connections, ADAT, SPDIF Coaxile and S/PDIF optical. Gina also has an internal digital audio connection for the CD ROM drive."" Using the latest generation of 24-bit 96kHz converters, Gina 24 offers a high dynamic range and low distortion. The new Gina 24 comes with a 6 shielded host cable that connects the break out box to a PCI bus master interface card.

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