BW Broadcast ModMon Encore FM & MPX Mod. Monitor

BW Broadcast ModMon Encore FM & MPX Mod. Monitor

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FM, MPX and RDS decoding, metering and analysis Makes the product incredibly useful and easy to use
Model/Varenr.: BW-ModMon Encore

ModMon encore FM & MPX Modulation Monitor


Fitted with two time-aligned and highly sensitive DSP tuners, ModMon Encore has an unfair advantage over its competition: it's the only modulation monitor that can DSP crossfade between two radio stations without retuning, or compare two MPX inputs such as audio processors or stereo generators at the touch of a button - all instantaneously and inaudibly. It’s a tool that helps you make decisions based on research, not just research yourself.


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The ModMon Encore combines two of our award-winning tuners, alongside our reference-grade audio processing technology, to bring you a single box capable of analyzing both FM and baseband signals. Built-in 'FM Stereo Improvement' reduce noise while retaining stereo separation for the ultimate in sound quality and performance.

Both industry-leading DSP tuners combine incredible sensitivity and superior strength, allowing you to pull in weak signals from distant broadcasts, or handle strong signals at the transmitter site without overloading.
Regardless of the scenario, put ModMon Encore to work out in the field and it will handle incoming signals with such confidence and ability it’ll exceed all your expectations.

The front panel is machined from a single block of aluminum with a high contrast OLED displaying the menu system and tri-coloured LED blocks providing clear, real-time metering.
The 3 silicone soft keys work dynamically with the display to control the most significant functions at the time and the two illuminated buttons switch inaudibly and instantaneously between each DSP tuner.

Features at a glance:

  • Two independent, DSP-controlled tuner modules

    allowing comparison of two FM transmissions instantaneously

  • Two multiplex inputs

    that allow audio processors or stereo generators to be compared

  • RDS decoder and analyzer

    facility allows you to check your RDS data is working correctly

  • Remote listen

    allows you to monitor your stations from a distance

  • HTML5, FTP, Telnet, SNMP & RS232 connectivity

    interfaces with monitoring equipment or just acts standalone, allowing you to monitor and control your processor remotely, from anywhere in the world!

  • 10 Year International Warranty

    Outstanding reliability is backed up by our 10-year international warranty for your peace of mind

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