EuroCaster DDS 600 Digital FM Transmitter 600 W - 3U

EuroCaster DDS 600 Digital FM Transmitter 600 W - 3U

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Model/Varenr.: AB-DDS-600

The EuroCaster DDS 600 - Digital FM Transmitter, compact size, 600 W is probably one of the most advanced FM transmitters on the market.

With the latest technology, assambled by the best experts for highest quality, low power consumption and easy to handle technology, on site or remotely, you don't find a better choice as a professional broadcaster.


  • Digital processing with DDS modulator
  • Input: Analog mono/stereo, MPX, AES/EBU, AES192, FM tuner, Micro SD card, SAT/DTT receiver (available in redundant configuration) and GPS
  • Advanced Efficiency Boost and Wave Plan functions
  • Static and dynamic RDS coder
  • Web server, event logger, SMS client, SNMP
  • Environmental EffiSense sensors for predictive maintenance
  • Up to 5 years warranty



Analysis for predictive maintenance

Advanced Efficiency Boost

Efficiency up to 75% with adaptive optimization


Hot pluggable PSU - Easy to replace fans

Redundant power supply

Digital Processing

Unique performances thanks to DDS digital modulator


LCD display, Web server and SNMP

Stereo & Soft clipper

Always included

Integrated unique features

Micro SD card slot                                                      Audio processor

FM, Satellite and Terrestrial receiver                       Full telemetry with 3G connection

Maintenance has never been so easy

We know that power surges and dust constantly threaten your transmitters and so we implemented the best technology to make maintenance easier.
In case of a power supply failure, you don’t need to waste your time disassembling the unit. You can pull out the damaged PSU from the front panel in just few seconds, with no need to turn off the transmitter.

Have you forgotten your tools? No problem, EuroCaster DDS transmitter hold the necessary set of tools behind the cover!


A penny saved is a penny earned


Developing strategies to increase sales to drive up profit and grow up the organization is the target of every CEO.
But you know that increasing sales is much more difficult and inconstant than reducing costs.
WaveArt transmitters, thanks to their typical 75% efficiency and exclusive features, work right by your side to minimize your running costs, thus freeing up resources. Switch on and start monetizing!

Adaptive Efficiency Boost
Using a proprietary algorithm that acts on the RF stages, Wave 1000 is able to self-optimize the key parameters to achieve the maximum efficiency without any retuning.

Wave Plan
Power scheduler
Using WavePlan you are able to fit your power consumption according to your audience. You can create daily and weekly plans, setting up start and stop time and output power level. You can even save and recall plans on different transmitters.


General specifications:


Output frequency range

87.5 to 108MHz in 1Hz steps

Output Power

600W (tol. +0/-0.5dB)

Output connector

FL 7/16’’ EIA

Spurious and harmonic suppression

Compliant with ETSI and FCC specification

Analog input

2x XLR female (Balanced; impedance 600Ω/10KΩ selectable)


2x BNC female (Unbalanced; impedance 50Ω/10KΩ selectable)

Soft Clipper with band limitation


Power consumption


AEB (Advanced Efficiency Boost)


Power supply

230Vac single phase

Operative temperature

-5°C to +45°C @MSL

Maximum operative altitude

3000m ASL. For higher altitudes please contact our sales dept.

Maximum operative humidity

95% non-condensing


Rack drawer 19” 3U




Software options:


S-AM-UN (included in PLUS package)

Audio monitor for input or on-air signal + test tone generator

S-SD-UN  (included in PLUS package)

Micro SD card slot

S-AES-UN  (included in PLUS package)

Digital AES/EBU & AES192 (MPX over AES) inputs

S-FMRX-UN  (included in PLUS package)

FM receiver input (for regenerative FM repeater/ translator)

S-SWI-UN  (included in PLUS package)

Automatic input switching (n.3 MPX profiles – audio/ RDS)

S-RDS-UN  (included in PLUS package)

Static RDS coder

S-RDS+-UN  (included in PLUS package)

Dynamic RDS

S-IP-UN  (included in PLUS package)

IP input (Icecast2 streaming & AES67)


Digital MPX over TS & Digital MPX over IP


SFN/ Isofrequency operation


Hardware options:



Embedded Satellite and Terrestrial receiver demodulator. DVB-S/S2 (L-band input) and/or DVB-T/T2 and ISDB-T (VHF/UHF band input)


2G/3G modem router for remote connection/telemetry and SMS


Analog telemetry interface with n.3 isolated clean contact outputs, n.4 optoisolated inputs, n.4 analog outputs (0 to 5V), mini UPS for remote control, for router and for telemetry interface, RF filter for router


Integrated audio processor (without software license) & email client


Second Redundant Embedded Satellite and Terrestrial receiver demodulator with seamless switching


CAM Slot (Common Interface Module)


ASI T.S. input (or output) interface


10MHz and 1pps inputs


High stability reference oscillator GNSS (GPS + GLONASS) locked, oven clock 10MHz + 1pps outputs


GPS/GLONASS receiving antenna (gain 26dB typ.) + 15 meters cable


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