ABE MTX D100/U DVB-T2 UHF TV Transmitter 150 watt

ABE MTX D100/U DVB-T2 UHF TV Transmitter 150 watt

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Digital compact DVB-T2 TV Transmitter UHF single drive (excl. output filter)
Model/Varenr.: AB-MTX D100/U
The MTX-D-T2"" is a digital DVB-T2 terrestrial TV broadcasting
transmitter series.
Featuring modulator construction - with easily removable modules
having RF internal isolation - the MTX series exploits the advantages
of state of the art technological solutions to achieve high
reliability and comprehensive system flexibility - all at reduced size.
Maintenance as well as channel changing operations are simple
and easy to perform.
Careful product design brings high versatility, enhanced by the
provision of specific options and giving compliance with major
world digital and analog terrestrial TV broadcasting standards.
Equipment employ high performance, highly efficient power amplifiers
(low power consumption in comparison with the output power),
using MOS and/or LD-MOS semiconductors, AB class polarized,
properly precorrected in order to obtain the necessary linearity.
In the high power amplifiers, efficiency is further enhanced by the
use of switched-mode power supplies, provided with PFC-Power
Factor (cos. φ) Corrector in order to minimize reactive power
With digital signals, the power stages are ""backed-off"" (derated) to
an output power which is typically 3 to 6 dB less their analog combined
TV signal rating.
The solid-state high power output amplifiers normally comprise
more independent power amplifiers chassis, each with its own
power supplies.

Output frequency range: UHF 470 to 860MHz in 1Hz steps
Output Power (before output filter): 200Wrms (tol. +0/-1dB - Note: full output power warranted up to 800MHz output frequency)
Output connector: ""N"" female
MER: = 35dB
Shoulders attenuation (before output filter): = 38dB
Housing: Rack drawer 19"" 3U dimension: (depth 475mm - connectors and handles excluded)
Power consumption: =1,000W
Power supply: Double, partially redundant, power supplies hot pluggable from the rear panel

(-6dB RF output power with a single power module)
185 to 264Vac 47/63Hz single phase
(different power supplies and tolerances available on request)

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