Panasonic Lumix G9 Body

Panasonic Lumix G9 Body

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Model/Varenr.: PA-Lumix-G9

Panasonic Lumix G9

Still Photography. For Every Still Photographer.

Super Fast. Customizable. LEICA Optics.

The G9 is the highest-end, stills-oriented LUMIX camera to date for evocative, high-res imaging and precision performance for wedding, landscape and other still photography genres.

80MP RAW Capture.

A special High Resolution mode vastly improves RAW image quality to 80MP in-camera (10,368 x 7,776 equivalent) simply by shifting the 20.3MP sensor eight times to create a single image.

First of Its Kind.

The G9 is the first Lumix Micro Four Thirds camera equipped with a High-Resolution mode to create higher resolution files. The result is exceptionally detailed imaging, whether shooting RAW or JPEG.

Expanded Focus Detect.

A joystick controller smoothly selects focus blocks inside the focusing area grid overlay. A 225-Area AF focus detection area is expanded from 49 to 225 points. Custom Multi AF mode enables free selection of blocks inside the 225 focusing area.

Super 0.83x OLED Viewfinder.

A large, high-resolution 3,680k-dot OLED Live View Finder (LVF) vastly improves visibility for pinpoint accurate framing even under direct sunlight.

Wear Glasses?

No more viewfinder clash with the highest-level 0.83x magnification ever, together with a long 21mm eye-point distance for framing you can clearly — and comfortably — see.

Quick Custom Setup.

The LUMIX G9 is highly customable. A well-placed Function (Fn) lever makes it quick and easy to switch between 17 settings. Great for seamless switching from RAW to JPEG, Color to Monochrome and Night Mode to Photo Quality, Photo Stabilizer, Shutter Type and more.

Dual SD Card Slots

SD slot modes let you swap a full card for an empty one, duplicate recording on both cards simultaneously or alternate between stills and video recording. Compatible with UHS-II Video Speed Class 60 cards.

AF Thumb Joystick

A quickly accessible four-way AF thumb joystick provides a textured design for instant gripping and control. A quick press inward returns your point to default.

Frame Drive Mode Switch

This time-saving dial on the camera's top shoulder (under the Mode Dial) controls release modes for Single, Burst (I / II ), 6K Photo, Post Focus, Self Timer and Time Lapse to eliminate digging into the menu to access different release modes.

Eliminate the Shake.

5-Axis Dual I.S. 2.0 (Image Stabilizer)* yields the equivalent of 6.5-stops in slower shutter speed** to virtually eliminate shake in body and lens even while shooting telephoto ***. Dual I.S. also exceeds in both photo and video recording, including 4K video.

Top View LCD.

A light-up, quick-read status LCD instantly confirms control settings to help you keep track of frequent setting adjustments and framing with the viewfinder and rear monitor.

USB Power Supply.

With USB power supply compatibility, you can confidently shoot while connected to the battery charger and eliminate worrying about remaining battery power. It's particularly useful for nature photography when waiting patiently for the shot to happen.

The Perfect Camera. For Perfect Stills.

The LUMIX G9 is designed with a magnesium alloy, full diecast frame and durable high-speed shutter unit good for approx. 200,000 times release* In every way, it's the pro quality, still-oriented camera for shooting all-season landscapes, weddings in a church or on a beach, expressive portraiture and more.

LUMIX Accessories.

Shoot more, more efficiently with accessories for your G9. These optional, precision-crafted additions to the tools of your trade and passion are designed and built to the highest quality standards for years of continuous use, everywhere the creative process takes you.

LUMIX G9 Replacement Eye-Cup

Creates a more comfortable fit and greater light shielding around the shooting eye to ensure reduced eye strain and easier viewing through the LVF when wearing glasses. (DMW-EC4)

Vertical Battery Grip

This comfortable grip (DMW-BGG9) includes accessible focus point control from the joystick. And stores one battery so that when attached to the G9, the camera operates with extended shooting time. The grip (Battery DMW-BLF19 not included.)

Large Capacity Battery

Long-life battery (DMW-BLF19), compatible with the LUMIX G9 camera and the LUMIX DMW-BGG9 Vertical Battery Grip.

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