Eurocaster EC3201B MPEG2 Encoder

Eurocaster EC3201B MPEG2 Encoder

5.030,00 DKK

Model/Varenr.: DX-EC3201B
The Eurocaster EC3201B MPEG-2 Encoder is a professional audio & video encoding device with powerful function. It supports a variety of analog and digital audio and video input such as CVBS, S-Video and SDI, and audio input includes the balanced and unbalanced analog input interface, the analog audio input interface (XLR) and digital audio input interfaces (AES/EBU). Its high compatibility and excellent encoding quality makes this device widely used in digital broadcasting system.


MPEG-2 video encoding, advanced video pre-processing algorithms
MPEG1 Layer 2 Audio
Supports Composite, S-Video analog video input
Supports SD-SDI digital video input
Supports balanced and unbalanced analog audio inputs
Supports AES/EBU, SD-SDI digital audio input
Support ASI input for re-mux
Supports PAL, NTSC SD video formats
TS over UDP unicast/multicast output
LCD / keyboard, network management(NMS)

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