DB Elettronica CTX TV Exciter Multistandard

DB Elettronica CTX TV Exciter Multistandard

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VHF/UHF Analog/Digital TV Exciter 5-20 watt
Model/Varenr.: DB-CTX
CTX Series - Multistandard TV Exciters

 Graphic LCD Panel. Revolutionary new generation TV driver with graphic full control and measurement LCD panel. Front panel instant frequency programmability, RF power settings, audio settings, deviation controls, alarms status are only the main facilities available in the graphic display.

 5-10-20 Wps. The CTX exciters are available with 5-10-20 Wps maximum output power. The output RF level is continuously adjustable from 0 to full power simply using the LCD front panel.

 High frequency stability in short and long terms is assured by Digital Phase Locked Loop circuit with low drift oscillator.

 Ultra High Performance IF Precorrector with quadrature (I/Q) and 12 adjustment for intermodulation and
sync level adj. White-Gray-Black-Sync. Very high level precorrection to be able to get perfect modulation
performances also with class AB non linear amplifiers.

 Precision Offset. Precision offset facility down to 1 Hz present in the CTX exciter using the DDS technology. Offset setting available from front panel LCD display.

 Dual Cast ready and Digital Ready. The CTX exciter is suitable to work in dual cast systems and it is ready
for digital transmission in DVB-T/H, ATSC, ISDB-Tb, ecc. standards.

 Meets or exceeds the international standard for safety and electrical specifications.

 Available also with internal DSP for linear and non linear precorrection in video and audio chain .

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