DB KFG Next 3000 FM Amplifier 3000 watt

DB KFG Next 3000 FM Amplifier 3000 watt

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Model/Varenr.: DB-KFG-Next-3000

DB Broadcast KFG Next 3000 - Compact Amplifier 3RU

0‐3.100 W out, with 0‐20 W input. Single 19"x 3U cabinet.

FM amplifiers KFG series is designed to operate in the whole 87.5 – 108 MHz frequency range for FM radio broadcasting.
Power range from 100W to 40kW.


GREEN RF™ technology

The GREEN RF™ technology, combined with the new 65:1 devices, is the latest evolution of the world-famous patented COLD-FET™ technology:

  • High RF efficiency (>70%).

  • Higher safety.

  • Higher reliability.

  • Lower heating.

  • Lower AC power consumption.

Hot-Plug Solution (optional)
All FM amplifiers KFG series over 5kW can be equipped optionally with the hotplug system to instantly extract the amplifier modules with amplifier in full power. All the amplifier modules slide on telescopic rails and can be completely extracted and removed for on-air maintenance or replacement without disconnecting any cable and without interrupting the transmitter operation.

Uninterrupted service
An intelligent protection circuit reduces the output power without on-air interruption, keeping the RF devices always within the safe operating parameters in case of: 

  • Load mismatching.

  • Environmental over-temperature.

  • Cooling failure.

  • Failure in one or more amplification modules.

  • Failure in power supply modules.

High efficiency cooling system
The air cooling system limits the heat-sink temperature rise to only about 10°C above ambient temperature. This guarantees the properly functioning even at high temperatures and in sites with extreme climate conditions.


Air cooling
FM amplifiers KFG series oversized air cooling system widely extends transistor life. The amplifier modules are equipped with externally mounted redundant fans to allow easy and fast cleaning, or eventual replacement, without opening or removing any module and without interrupting the transmitter operation.

Liquid Cooling
An oversize heat exchanger, single or double (optional), suitable for outdoor or indoor installation, and equipped with single or double (optional) pump system for maximum redundancy, is the main component of the powerful liquid cooling system. DB liquid cooling
system assures high reliability, cooling efficiency and easy installation, thanks to the special design of liquid cooled heat-sinks inside the amplifier and low pressure liquid distribution. This system is designed to successfully face every hard climate condition.

Advantages of liquid cooling
Substantial advantages of our liquid cooling technology compared to air cooling are:

  • Properly working even with hard climate conditions.

  • Dramatically reduction of air conditioning needing.

  • Correct functioning in dusty environment even with high humidity or salinity.

  • Very low acoustic noise.

  • Low heat radiation into the environment.

  • Longer life for transistors and active elements due to colder continuous operation. 

AAD Technology

  • Prevents corrosion from air moisture and increases reliability.

  • Components are made in anticorodal aluminum.

  • Air is ducted to avoid contact with electronic parts.

  • All electronic boards and cablings are tropicalized with a special resin to protect the circuits against salt air.


KFG 100 100 W N 19" x 2U No rack
KFG 300 300 W N 19" x 2U No rack
KFG 500 500 W N 19" x 2U No rack
KFG 1k 1000 W DIN 7/16 19" x 2U No rack
KFG 2k 2000 W EIA 7/8" 19" x 3U No rack
KFG 3k 3000 W EIA 7/8" 19" x 3U No rack
KFG 6k/1x 6000 W EIA 7/8" 19" x 4U No rack
KFG 6k/2x 6000 W EIA 1+5/8" 19" x 19U 19" x 19U
KFG 8k 8000 W EIA 1+5/8" 19" x 24U 19" x 24U
KFG 10k/2x 10 kW EIA 1+5/8" 19" x 31U 19" x 31U
KFG 10k/4x 10 kW EIA 1+5/8" 19" x 31U 19" x 31U
KFG 15k 15 kW EIA 3+1/8" 19" x 41U 19" x 41U
KFG 20k 20 kW EIA 3+1/8" 19 19
KFG 30k 30 kW EIA 3+1/8" 2 racks of 19" x 41U 2 racks of 19" x 41U
KFG 40k 40 kW EIA 4+1/2" 2 racks of 19" x 41U 2 racks of 19" x 41U



Frequency range 87.5 to 108 MHz adjustable with 10kHz step
Output impedance 50 Ω
Spurious and harmonic suppression Exceeds CCIR/FCC requirements
RF Probe 50 Ω, BNC
Power stability < 2% (ALC)
DC to RF efficiency 83% typ.



AC supply voltage 115 / 230 VAC ± 15%, single-phase or 230/380 VAC ± 15%, three-phases
AC supply frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz, ±5%
Power factor > 0.9

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Cooling Forced Forced air with built-in axial fans / Liquid cooling (optional)
Service Continuous 24/24h
Operating temperature -5°C to +45°C Derate 3°C per 500 m above 2000 mt asl
Relative humidity Up to 95%

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