TBC Consoles SmartTrac ST2-BL

TBC Consoles SmartTrac ST2-BL

22.966,00 DKK

Bi-Level Console - fixed height
Model/Varenr.: TB-TBC-ST2-BL
TBC SmartTrac ST2-BLV2 Bi-Level - fixed height

Laminate or linoleum standard finish with bumper front edge.
Stable leg design with levelers: Anodized aluminum leg and steel foot with silver finish

Rear Tracfor articulating monitor arms, speaker arms and other accessories.
I-Core technology enclosure with rear access,
vertical divider for power/data and optional
Cable + power management compartment

 Laminate or linoleum w/black bumper edge std.
 Optional electric base with digital preset controller.
 Ergonomic desktop + monitor ledge w/rear track.
 Sit/stand lift capacity: 250+ lbs (113kg).

SmartTrac Bi-Level console includes:
Fixed-height countertop and rear monitor
ledge, rear device track, cable + power
management compartment, and linoleum
or laminate desktop finish with black
bumper edge.
Caster feet optional
72 L x 44.7" D [1829mm x 1135mm]

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