EuroCaster Studio Consoles Omega

EuroCaster Studio Consoles Omega

23.846,00 DKK

Eurocaster furniture for technology broadcasting and control room consoles
Model/Varenr.: xx-EuroCaster-Consoles-Omega
EuroCaster´s operating table with rounded line designed to match current ergonomic guidelines. It´s made for intensive ude, 24/7 hours.
The design has soft shapes and is equipped with cable glands, or in case it´s equipped with a shelf.
It provides a cover that hides the wiring.
On request this table can have an insert in leatherette or laminate

A- Metal frame support
Stell frame structure painted with epoxy powders in black colour. On request other finishing like grey, anthracite, etc.

B- Worktop
Wood covered in scratch-resistant PVC, cherry or beech finish

C- Insert pad (optional)
Wood covered in scratch-resistant laminate or leatherette. Black colour.

D- Monitor shelf, variable height. On demand.
Wood covered with laminate or scratch-resistand PVC, cherry or beech finish.

E- Rack cabinet AL series undermount (on request, and see related products)
12 U rack cabinet with basic cable guides, depth 600mm. Finishes to match console

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