Axel Tiger E3 Stereo Generator & RDS Encoder

Axel Tiger E3 Stereo Generator & RDS Encoder

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Model/Varenr.: AX-TIGER E3

Axel Tech - Tiger E3

Codificatore MPX+RDS


Digital MPX+RDS coder with analog/digital/MPX inputs. Streaming IN/OUT. Audio & MPX Changeover. RDS with n.8 Dataset. UECP v.7.05. ODA, TMC, IH, RT, RT+. Scheduler PS, RT, PTY. Web Server, SNMP v2.0. 6 GPI, 4 Relays. Radio automation interface. GPS. Please note: The Multimedia Package is optional (Streaming IN, Streaming OUT, Media player)


Axel Tech Tiger E3 is the top-class Stereo Generator and RDS/RBDS encoder that fulfills every custom requirements, from large national FM networks to local stations.

It features the latest technology to deliver highest performance, RDS 2.0 ready, complies with CENELEC specifications, provides WEB GUI via browser and SNMP protocol.

Axel Tech Tiger E3 supports the most advanced RDS dynamic services, including TMC, ODA, IH, TDC, EWS, Radio Text and Radio Text plus. Tiger E3 allows to interface Radio Automation Systems to display song title, artist and other information, but always compliant to the CENELEC (Europe), NRSC (America) and UECP v7.05.

The built-in ITU BS412 multiplex power controller acts on all outputs to meet even the most strict European government regulations.

To control all these functions, a web interface has been created that can be used by any browser with any device from the smartphone to laptop. 

To satisfy the most demanding technicians Tiger E3 is SNMP v2c compliant.


  • MPX+RDS distribution (TX&RX) multicast streaming over IP
  • New features for Dynamic RDS
  • RDS data multicast streaming over IP


FM distribution Network Control & Monitoring Tiger E3 AxelTech

FM distribution Network Control & Monitoring Tiger E3 AxelTech

FM distribution Network Control & Monitoring Tiger E3 AxelTech

FM distribution Network Control & Monitoring Tiger E3 AxelTech


FM distribution Network Control & Monitoring Tiger AxelTech



  • Main Supply 90--260Vac 50/60Hz. 15W
  • Green device - only 15W
  • Full Color Graphic display 480x128 (only Tiger E5)
  • Status leds panel with 40 leds
  • Rack 1u 19” - Inox steel
  • Redundat PSU (available as an option)
  • High immunity to strong RF fields, designed to be installed in high power TX sites
  • Fully Digital – No trimmer

Inputs & Stereo Generator Section

  • Analog input on XLR,
  • Digital AESEBU input on XLR
  • Double streaming IP input (MP3,OPUS,PCM,VORBIS…)
  • Double MPX output with indipendent source and level.
  • Bypass HW on MPX Outputs (Aux-1 to Out 1&2)
  • 2 AUX input (MPX/RDS/SCA) wide band - digitally controlled.
  • MPX Changeover between external or internal MPX sources.
  • 2 Wide Band mixer to mix internal (Stereo generator an RDS) or external (MPX, RDS or SCA)
  • signals.
  • Configurable delay on MPX signals.
  • AGC on each single source
  • Limiter, Clipper MPX.
  • ITU BS412 control
  • ITU Loudness measurement
  • Out band noise and Pilot Noise measurement
  • RDS,Pilot,Main Audio and Sub Audio Measurement
  • Integrated Hi-Quality MPX Decoder


FM distribution Network Control & Monitoring Tiger AxelTech


  • 4 channels Audio Changeover Changeover Audio with source priority / restore logic.
  • Backup audio player on SD card
  • Configurable delay on Audio sources.
  • Configurable UECP Filter on incoming RDS Signal (AUX-1) for rebroadcasting use.
  • Capability to Digital erase RDS signal on incoming MPX+RDS Signal
  • Upgrade FW directly on the field managed by web GUI interface.
  • Audio limiter integrated (Psicoacustic, Look-ahead, ITU BS412)
  • Fast DSP Starting time <5 sec (OS < 30 sec

Encoder RDS Section

  • RDS encoder fully compliant with UECP EBU SPB490 v7.05, CENELEC (Europa) and NRSC (America).
  • Fully support of all the RDS services, Static and Dynamic services.
  • UEPC Ports (2 Serials, 4 TCPIP, 4 UDP).
  • n.8 Data Set
  • n.10 EON + Main PS for each Data Set.
  • Integrated RDS decoder.
  • Tuner FM with RDS decoder (as an option)
  • Easy to interface to any kind of automation system (UECP/SNMP/REST/HTTP/ASCII PARSER/TXT FILE)
  • Capability to connects all the Radio Automation System to get data for RDS (PS/RT/RT+/TA/MS)
  • Easy RDS page fast setup.


FM distribution Network Control & Monitoring Tiger AxelTech

GUI & Monitoring

  • Fully programmable by Web GUI interface, all the browser are supported
  • Simple and intuitive GUI, supported by all devices (PC, notebook, tablet, smartphone, etc. ..)
  • Easy and configurable graphical interface.
  • Multi user web GUI
  • Map with device geolocation (RX sat or fixed coordinates are required)
  • Web GUI with info bubbles
  • Monitoring FM Tuner (as an option)
  • MPX spectrum signal Analyzer on outputs, Aux inputs, and internal signals.
  • Dynamical graphics to see the value in the time
  • RDS Groups data analyzer.
  • GUI with led meter bars
  • IP audio streaming encoding for remote audio monitoring, with indipendent source selection and level.
  • Headphones output with indipendent source selections and level

Monitoring Tuner (options)

  • RF Level measurament
  • Carrier Offeset
  • MPX, RDS and Pilot deviations
  • BLER (Block Error Ratio).
  • RDS Decoder (PI, PS, RT, PTY, RT+,TP,TA, M/S, CT,AF,TMC, EON)

Communications & Management

  • Ethernet/USB/RS232/GPIO connections
  • Easy WiFi Access - Hot spot WiFi USB to connect directly a wireless device to the Tiger.
  • SNMP V2c
  • Possibility to set up to 3 NTP Servers (V1, V2, V3, V4).
  • Possibility to send email to 4 receivers and set 3 differnet SMPT server.
  • IPV4 and IPV6 support (3 addresses IPV4 and 3 addresses IPV6).
  • N°2 RS232 for UECP commands.
  • 6 GPI and 4 Relay Out (all GPIO are fully programmable by the GUI)
  • HTTP, FTP, SNMP, SMTP, UDP, TCP support.
  • Alarms via : TRAP (SNMP), email(SMTP), GPO, HTTP
  • External GPS support (Time, Date and Geolocation)
  • uSD Card for clone function, for manteniance and easy replace of a faulty unit.
  • Import and export configurations function
  • PRESET, with load/save/import /export function
  • Logs 24/7 with export funtions
  • 6 levels of right access managment
  • Easy configuration page setup with info connection diagrams.
  • REST API available to manage the device
  • ASCII PARSER interface for easy command line settings
  • SAMBA SHARE function to connect and get data from an external PC.
  • Multi-user contemporary access


FM distribution Network Control & Monitoring Tiger AxelTech


FM distribution Network Control & Monitoring Tiger AxelTech

Block Diagram

FM distribution Network Control & Monitoring Tiger AxelTech

Special features

Connect “any” Kind of Sources

Tiger e3/e5 manages different kind of audio sources as Analog & Digital audio, IP-Audio, Backup-Player and MPX, thanks to the 4 channels audio changeover and 2 channel MPX Changeover.

The internal delay can be assigned to any source and allows the time alignment of two or more sources.

It is possible to use the internal audio player as a backup if all the external sources fail.

The internal limiter continuously monitors the sources audio levels, allowing the level managing and avoiding any overshoot generated by the satellite or IP-Audio MPEG decompression.

MPX inputs are decoded (L&R) and available to be used as sources for the Audio Changeover or MPX Changeover.


MPX Changeover features a UECP filter that allows the regeneration or filtering of any RDS service (PS, RT,RT+,IH,TMC,TA/TP), thus giving the user the chance to maintain, replace or filter any RDS parameter starting from the incoming RDS signal.

Changeover / FM Monitoring System with integrated Tuner.

TIGER E5 can manage and decode MPX and RDS signals, receive IP Audio streaming signals, receive and analyze Analog and Digital audio signals. Thanks to the 4 channels Audio changeover and MPX Changeover it can handle every kind of received signal in a transmitting site.

Easy Access

Tiger e3/e5 is fully configurable via WEB interface. Its web server is compatible with all the available web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari…).

Tiger e3/e5 supports laptop, tablet and smartphones simplifying the browsing and setting of the device with its responsive-kind graphic interface that adapts the viewing mode according to the resolution and position (portrait/landscape) of the current viewing device.

The provided WiFi USB dongle creates a specific WiFi hotspot that enables the access to the device without the need of cabled or wireless net.

Tiger e3/e5 features 3 IPV4 and 3 IPV6 addresses to ensure concurrent connection for all the broadcasting and monitoring systems.



FM distribution Network Control & Monitoring Tiger AxelTech

Easy Maintenance

Any first-time user can take advantage of Tiger e3/e5 simplified settings management. EASY CONFIGURATION FUNCTION quickly and easily enables the user to set the working mode, while QUICK RDS SETUP brings the mostly simple way to set the main RDS parameters.

IMPORT/EXPORT and PRESET MANAGER are available for a more advanced management of Tiger e3/e5.

These functions apply to the whole device configuration or only to some selectable modules (SYSTEM, RDS, MPX, AUDIO, MULTIMEDIA and TUNER).

Tiger e3/e5 uses a uSD card to create an automatic copy of all the device data whenever the user changes anything. If the device needs to be replaced or duplicated, the uSD card can be used to clone it.


Tiger e3/e5 features an endearing GUI (Graphical User Interface) that makes use of clear elements, rich of information. With a simple and straightforward selection of the available banners, it is possible to keep under control any function. The selected banners are always visible in any menu.

Tiger e3/e5 displays in both graphical and numerical format all the input and output levels as well as the internally generated signals. The visualization can be numerical, bar graph or time related.


In the RDS section, a specific area is available for on-air RDS group analysis (static and dynamic) to evaluate services balancing.

In the MPX section, spectrum analyzers display the MPX+RDS input and output signals.

Tiger e3/e5 provides two independent listening paths for every internal audio source:

Local: using the headphone socket on front panel and the display to select the source.

Remote: sing the internal IP audio encoder that enables the remote audio receiving with different listening quality choices.

The MPX decoder let the user listen to the decoded L&R audio for any of the MPX sources, input, output or internal.

Technical Specifications

Analog Left & Right Input     
Connector: Balanced on 2 XLR – EMI Suppressed
Input Impedance: 10Kohm
Nominal Input Level (Sensitivity): Software Adjustable from -12dBu to + 13,0 dBu (0,1dB step)
Nominal Input Level: -21,0dBu ÷ +24,0dBu
Max Input Level (clipping point): Selectable +15,0dBu or +24,0dBu
A/D conversion: CS4272, 24 bit / 48 Khz
Input CMRR: >60dB (20Hz-20kHz)


Digital Input                         
Connector: Balanced on 1 XLR – EMI Suppressed                
Input Impedance: 110Ω                
Standard: AES3                
Audio Sample Rate: 32/44.1/48/96/192KHz                
Adjustable Nominal Input Level (Sensitivity): From -25,0dBFS to -0,2dBFS (0,1dB step)                
Nominal Input Level: -36dBFS ÷ 0,0dBFS                
Dynamic Range (Converter Values): 124dB (32KHz) – 126dB (44,1KHz) 126dB(48KHz) – 122dB (96KHz)                
Resolution: 24 bit 

MPX Input – MPX     
Connector: Unbalanced on 2 BNC – EMI Suppressed
Input Impedance: 50K
Adjustable Nominal Input Level (Sensitivity): Software Adjustable -9dBm to +15,0dBm
Range of Level: -21,0dBu ÷ +24,0dBu
Max Input Level (clipping point): Selectable +5,0dBu or +18,0dBu
A/D Conversion: Texas PCM4202

MPX Output - MPX     
Connector: Unbalanced on 2 BNC – EMI Suppressed
Output Impedance: 10 Ω
Load Impedance: 600 Ω or greater
Maximum Load Capacitance: 5nF
D/A Conversion: Texas PCM 1796
Composite Output Level: -0,0dBm to +15,0 dBm (0,1 dBm step)
S/N: ≥ 85dB
THD: ≤ 0.01%
Separation: ≥ 70dB

Backup Player     
Support: On Micro SD CARD (max 64GB)
Supported formats: MP3, WAV
Supported Sample Rates: 32,44.1,48,64,96 KHz

MPX & RDS Signal     
Pilot Frequency: 19 KHz +/- 1Hz
Pilot Injection: Adj from -25,0dB a -15,5dB (0,1 dB step); 6 to 18% of total deviation
Pilot Stability: ±10 ppm (-10 to +55°C)
Pilot Distortion: 0,05% (typical)
Pilot Distortion + Noise: 0,068% (on 100KHz band)
Composite out THD: 0,01% (typical on the whole band)
Stereo Separation: >70 dB (typical on the whole band)
Linear Crosstalk Main to Sub / Sub to Main: >70 dB (minimum)
Digital filtering / band: 30 Hz to 15 kHz (-0,1dB), 17 kHz (-70 dB), 19 kHz (-100 dB)
57 kHz (RDS/RBDS) Protection: Better than 51 dB
Pre-emphasis: Off, 50uS, 75uS (+/-0,1dB)
Freq Response: ±0,3 dB (30Hz-15kHz)
Operation: Mono / Stereo
MPX/RDS Output: Adj from -10,0 dB to 15,0 dB (0,1 dB step)
Signal/Noise Ratio: ≥ 85 dB (on 100 kHz band)
Carrier Suppression: > 85 dB

GPIO Inputs/Outputs: 6 GPI / 4 GPO
Communication Port: 2xRS232, 3xUSB, 1xLAN
Synchronization: Ext(Pilot Mpx)/Int/ Auto
Synchronization Monitoring: Yes
RDS Level adjustment: Digitally controlled
Phase adjustment: Yes, 0 ÷ 359.9°
Separate outputs for RDS+MPX and for RDS only: Yes
Command to activate the RDS SCA: Yes
Side Chain Mode, Loop through mode, Bypass feature: Yes
RDS Subcarrier: 100% Digitally Generated Shape
CENELEC – EN50067 compliant: Yes
Accurate Clock Time (CT) Sync with Internet Connection: Yes
Remote TA actuation for Traffic Announcements: Yes
GPS module for automatic synchronization of the built-in Real Time Clock (RTC): Optional (USB External)
RDS decoder for rebroadcasting RDS Data: Yes
Firmware can be upgraded on the field: Yes
Front-panel Colour TFT Display: No (Tiger E3) Yes (Tiger E5)
Data may be entered on-site with Front-panel knob: No (Tiger E3) Yes (Tiger E5)
Front Panel Leds: 40
Operating Temperature: 0°C ÷ 50°C

RDS Features     
Group supported: All
Group Sequence: Configurable
AF Method A: up to 1024 (64 lists)
AF Method B: up to 1024 (64 lists)
RT: Yes, 32 messages
RT rate adjustment: Group Sequence
RT+ for songs and content tagging: Yes
TP: Yes
TA Control: Command, Software, GPI
CT: Yes
Free Format Groups (FFG): Yes
Open Data Application (ODA): Yes
PS Scrolling: Yes
Scrolling by characters, by word, auto centre, truncate long words: Yes (Characters – from 1 up to 8)

Connection with Automation Software: Yes
Network Connectivity: 4 TCP ports / 4 UDP / 1 SNMP
Configuration Software: Web Server, FTP
Password Protection: Yes
ASCII Protocol: Configuration Messages
REST Command: Yes
Alert notifications on user-defined events via SNMP traps or E-mails: Yes
Embedded SNMP agent permitting active management tasks: Yes
Supported Network Protocols: HTTP, SMTP, UDP, TCP, NTP, FTP
UECP Protocol: EBU SPB490 Ver.7.05
PI Calculator: Yes
RDS 2.0 Ready: Yes

Power Supply: 90-260 Vac / 47-63 Hz 15W

Dimensions (W; H; D): 485 x 44 x 240 mm
Weight: < 3Kg


FM distribution Network Control & Monitoring Tiger AxelTech


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