Sound Ideas - The Big Whoosh 2

Sound Ideas - The Big Whoosh 2

693,00 DKK

191 Imaging elements på 1 CD !
Model/Varenr.: SI-BigWhoosh1
The Big Whoosh Imaging Elements Collection
The Big Whoosh was the first imaging elements packaged ever released. Sound Ideas has now purchased the rights to this CD - an extravaganza of whooshes, production elements, audio signatures and always in-demand sound effects for radio imaging, broadcast, multimedia, game developers and Web designers.

Whooshes: long, medium, short, flanged, whispy, echoing & rumbling
Music Sounders: pulses, news tags, logos & closers
Space: star showers, spooky & dangerous FX, encounters, manoeuvers, takeoffs & landings
As Well: accents, explosions, heartbeats, hits, jail doors, sparkles, telephones, zings, zaps, funny stuff & much more

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