Sound Ideas - The Mix - Volume V

Sound Ideas - The Mix - Volume V

3.465,00 DKK

108 lydeffekter på 5 audio CDer
Model/Varenr.: SI-The Mix - Volume V
Mix V offers over one hundred full length tracks of todays most contemporary and dynamic music. 5 CDs, more than five hours of top quality production music, all full length and royalty-free.

Mix 38 Industry, Corporate
Mix 39 Bright, Light Activity
Romantic, Pastoral
Mix 40 Action, Sports
Pop, Rock, Dance, Urban
Mix 41 New Age
Christmas and Holidays
Solo Instrument
Mix 42 Country and New Country
Drama, Suspense
Comedy, Cartoon
Jazz and Blues
Military Marches
World Music
Features of the Mix V Full Length

Music Library:
Wide selection - 18 different musical styles, organized for easy access
Music by a variety of composers
Full reference catalog with CD track index listings for all the Mix Libraries.
As with all other Mix products, Mix V is packaged in a compact storage binder

Mix V ... Dedicated to providing you with the best full length music, the most variety, at the best price!

Its more Mix than ever before!

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