Sound Ideas - The Mix - Volume I

Sound Ideas - The Mix - Volume I

3.465,00 DKK

11 CDer - mere end 10 timers færdigproduceret materiale.
Model/Varenr.: SI-The Mix - Volume I
The Mix I Broadcast Music Library offers more than 10 hours of production-ready material, totalling over 1200 tracks plus a full CD of sound effects... all on 10 compact discs. This premier collection contains 2 CDs of Production Elements, including: Logos, Work Parts, Promo ID Beds, Weather Themes, Sports Themes, Stingers, Newscaster Openers, Sweepers, Traffic Themes, Bumpers, Tags, Orchestra Hits and Stabs, Harp Music, Halloween Accents, Circus Accents, and Bugle Calls, Drum Hits and Rolls.
Mix 1 Easy Listening and Classical
Mix 2 Soft A/C and Travel
Mix 3 Sports
Mix 4 Rock, Pop, Dance
Mix 5 Country and New Country
Mix 6 Jazz and Comedy
Mix 7 Christmas and Holidays
Mix 8 Production Elements 1
Mix 9 Production Elements 2
Mix 10 Sound Effects

As always, the Mix Broadcast Music Library offers you:

Broadcast lengths
Royalty Free purchase
Wide selection of musical styles, organized for easy access
Full reference catalog with CD track index listing
Music by a variety of composers
Unique storage binder
GM and budget friendly - designed for 1 markets at a small Market price.

The Most Variety and the Most Value in a Broadcast Music Library.

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