AEV Matrix 212 MPX audio matrix - 2 IN / 12 OUT

AEV Matrix 212 MPX audio matrix - 2 IN / 12 OUT

5.359,00 DKK 5.954,00 DKK

19" 1U, MPX audio Matrix. 2 IN / 12 OUT each with level setting, with Logic GPI command & relé backup configuarion, BNC connectors, reversible

Model/Varenr.: AF-Matrix-212-MPX



? 2 inputs MPX
? 12 outputs MPX
? allocation of each single output of the input signal between the two available
? the individual adjustment of the level of each output signal from -6 to +6 dB with respect to
the selected input signal
? through function of the input signal on the outputs even with the machine off
? ability to configure all the couplings / O function through to replicate the configuration set
when the equipment is working to power ON
? size rackmount 19 ?1U

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