Sennheiser MKH 70-1 Shotgun Microphone

Sennheiser MKH 70-1 Shotgun Microphone

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Model/Varenr.: SN-MKH-70-1

Sennheiser MKH 70-1

The Sennheiser MKH 70 is a lightweight long gun microphone. Its excellent directivity is particularly suited to applications undertaken in difficult conditions, such as high background noise and distance microphone positioning. Its frequency-independent directivity prevents sound colouration from off-axis sound sources.



  • Exceptionally low inherent self-noise

  • Transformerless and fully floating balanced output

  • Infra-sonic cut-off filter

  • Symmetrical transducer technology ensures extremely low distortion

  • Switchable pre-attenuation, switchable roll-off filter and switchable treble emphasis

  • Rugged and weather-proof

  • Black, anodised light metal body


Technical specifications:

Dimensions Ø 25 x 410 mm
Frequency response (Microphone) 50 - 20000 Hz
Transducer principle (Microphone) RF condenser microphone
Pick-up pattern super-cardioid/lobar
Sensitivity in free field, no load (1kHz) 50 (15) mV/Pa
Nominal impedance 150 Ω
Min. terminating impedance 1000 Ω
Equivalent noise level 5 (13) dB
Equivalent noise level weighted as per CCIR 468-3 16 (24) dB
Maximum sound pressure level (passive) 124 (132) dB at 1 kHz
Current consumption 2 mA
Battery Specification 48 +- 4 V Phantom

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