Basic DAB+ Packages 15W RMS / 50W ERP 1 Channel

Basic DAB+ Packages 15W RMS / 50W ERP 1 Channel

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Model/Varenr.: EC-DAB-15W-basic

Basic DAB+ Package – turnkey, ready to go on air with 15W RMS / 50W ERP - 1 channel – 1 site:

(Audio has to be feeded streamed as Icecast, Shoutcast or PCM signal to multicaster from external streamer/encoder, any brand available, like DEVA, EuroCaster, AEQ, APT or Orban card)

1 x EuroCaster MUX-01, 1 Channel DAB+ Multiplexer, optional expandable up to 18 channels.

enables different bitrates and bandwidths and is adjustable from 32kbps up to 192 kbps at all possible error protection levels per channel;

has advanced audio encoder profiles available in its settings such as AAC-LC, HE-AAC and HE AAC V2;

has the possibility to set personal preference parameters, but the optimal encoder parameters are automatically suggested for each setting;

encodes multiple sources: Icecast, Shoutcast and PCM streams in the highest possible audio quality;

provides MOT Slideshow and DLS / SLS services;

is easy to set up via an user friendly menu;

has a multiplexer which provides an EDI stream according the DAB+ ETSI TS 10563 protocol, suitable for the latest DAB+ transmitters; and

has online remote support optional available and future /updates can be installed over the internet;

is available in a 1HU-unit with a clear display which shows basic settings of the performance of the head-end.

The EuroCaster Mux-01 can convert/encode 1 incomming streaming channel ( Icecast, Shoutcast and PCM) into headend AAC+ encoded signal, different bitrates and bandwidths are adjustable from 32kbps up to 192 kbps at all possible error protection levels per channel. Advanced audio encoder profiles such as AAC-LC, HE-AAC and HE AAC V2 are available in the encoder settings. Although personal preference parameters can be set, the optimal encoder parameters are automatically suggested for each setting.

1 x EuroCaster´s Single channel AIR COOLED VHF Band III transmitter

The TX Series is EuroCasters most amazing achievement, as it combines a complete transmitter with output power up to 150W rms or 250W p.s. and multiple input interfaces in a single 1U 19” rack chassis. This astonishing engineering is today a unique and unequaled solution in the market.

Supporting DVB-T/H/T2, ISDB-T/Tb, DAB/DAB+/T-DMB, ATSC, PAL and NTSC modulations (dual-cast Analog and Digital is also supported), TX-Series natively offers adaptive pre-correction circuits and built in GPS / GLONASS receiver for accurate synchronization and SFN operations.

Whether you need a Terrestrial or Satellite fed transmitter, re-generative repeater, transposer, or even regenerative gap-filler, then TX is the required solution as it can be equipped and configured with different input interfaces (Satellite Receiver, ASI, ETI, EDI, Gigabit Ethernet or RF).

Gap-filling operation is made possible by a powerful echo-canceller and, if necessary, by our award winning Spectrum Restorer regenerative gap-filler (EDOCR).

For the South American ISDB-Tb market, TX-Series combines Satellite Receiver, Re-Multiplexer/Layer Combiner/TS to BTS (188 to 204 byte) converter and up to 130W Transmitter in a single 1U box 19” rack!

Main features:

Compact 1U 19” Rack chassis

Universal Compact DAB/DAB+/T-DMB Driver/Transmitter, VHF (III band), LDMOS Amplifiers, Color Display, Internal GPS receiver, IInput ETI (optional) and EDI (ETI over IP), last generation linear and non-linear adaptive precorrection. Not including output Filter and Cabinet Rack. Air Cooling. Output power: Digital 15 Wrms.

1 x Antenna system consist of: 2 dipole aluminum antenna system with 5 dB gain including 40 meters of 7/8” feeder cable.

1 x Output filter

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