Linkstar Background System + Cloth Chroma Green

Linkstar Background System + Cloth Chroma Green

813,00 DKK

Background System + Cloth Chroma Green 2.9 x 5m
Model/Varenr.: BN-2199
The Linkstar background system comes with a chromakey green colored background cloth (2.9m x 5m) which is used often for photo and video productions. With the key function in your editing software, you can add any background fast and precize. Next to the AD-10, this cloth comes with the professional BS-2431 background system. The maximum height of the BS-2431 is 2.4 meters. The maximum width is 3.15 meters, with a practical use of 2.9 meters. (Because of the width of the included background cloth) The included canvas bag lets you carry the whole set easily.

1 x Linkstar Background System BS-2431
1 x Cloth Chroma Green AD-10 2.9 x 5m

Type: Stand hanging system
Suitable for: Background Cloths
Minimal height (cm): 80
Maximum height (cm): 240
Stand sections: 4
Sections stand Ø (mm): 25, 22, 19, 16
Diameter legs (mm): 14
Spread (cm): 80
Collapsed lenght (cm): 80
Width cross bar (cm): 315
Sections cross bar: 1
Diameter cross bar (mm): 25
Length (cm): 315

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