Prodys Control Plus up to 100 video devices

Prodys Control Plus up to 100 video devices

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Model/Varenr.: PR-IK2-PCP-100

Prodys Control Plus up to 100 devices



ProdysControlPlus is a Windows application for centralizing the management of all Prodys audio and video over IP codecs. The codecs that are liable to be controlled with ProdysControlPlus are those belonging to the Quantum and Ikusnet families. as well as the codecs of the ProntoNet family (ProntoNetNomada and Nereus).


The main advantages of ProdysControlPlus are:

  • Allows the codecs’ remote management through firewalls and 3G/4G communications.
  • Much easier to install and maintain thanks to a simpler database system.
  • Enhanced graphical interface permits establishing calls faster and easier.
  • No hardware dongle required.
  • User-configurable graphical background.
  • Video codecs management.
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