EuroCaster FDT/10K FM Duplexer Double Bridge Triple Coaxial Filters 5+5kW Aluminium

39.680,00 DKK

FDT/10000 - Double bridge, 5+5 kW, Conn. in 7/8 out 1+5/8, aluminum
Model/Varenr.: LI-FDT/10K

EuroCaster FDT/10K

Made of aluminum, silvered copper and PTFE. They are composed of two cavity filters and 2 hybrid couplers, they have a selective input and a broadband. It is therefore necessary , in order, knowing all the frequencies of use. The cavity filters have a B.W. command that allow you to adjust selectivity and also the isolation between channels.


Freq. Range: 87.5 – 108Mhz

Impedance: 50 Ohm

V.S.W.R.: < 1.15:1

Min. Channels spacing: > 1.5MHz

Bandwidth (-3db): 300-600KHz

Insertion Loss: 0.2-0.6db

Isolation between Channels: > 35db

Working Temperature: 10-40°

Connector In: 7/8

Connector Out: 1+5/8

Power: 5+5 kW

Weight: 85 kg

Dimensions: 135x90x70 cm

Material: Aluminium, silvered copper, PTFE

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