Microset MTM 15/15 Giant Size UPS 15 kVA 15 min

Microset MTM 15/15 Giant Size UPS 15 kVA 15 min

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Model/Varenr.: MS-MTM-15/15

Microset MTM 15/15 

U.P.S. Giant Size

Reliable - Efficient


  • Double conversion no break 
  • True sine wave form 
  • Booster PFC
  • Static and manual by-pass
  • Overload capacity
  • Interface RS232, SNMP option
  • Continuous service 24h
  • Long life, 15 years


Very reliable and efficient doube conversion U.P.S. 


Always supply load with stable voltage when main is unstable and on black out event without any interruption for short or long time. 


P.F.C. - Power Factor Control - green power system to save energy. 


E.P.O. shut-down U.P.S. on emergency or fire events. 


Automatic BY-PASS for overload protection, manual by-pass to disconnect UPS from mains for service. 


Control panel, advanced performance to metering voltage, current, frequency, load power, battery condition, autonomy. 


Statistic black out events, planning periodic service. 


Interface RS232 on board, SNMP option for remote internet. 


Stand-by facility for emergency light and fire alarm system compliance to EN50171 rules. 


Easy move by wheels and finally fix system. 


Technical assistance by phone on English, or locally by specialized engineer and periodical service maintenance to warranty perfect and sure operation. 


  • Computers and networking
  • Industrial processes
  • Hospitals, Airports, Security
  • Emergency lights, Lift elevators
  • Solar plants

230V Monophase

Power: 15kVA - 10 kW

Autonomy: 15'

Batteries: N°: 60 Ah: 9

Size WxDxH (cm): 39 x 90 x 90 

Battery WxDxH (cm): -

Weight: 200 kg


  • Output voltage: 230VAC monophase version
  • Pfc: > 0.95 power factor 
  • Waveform: TRUE SINEWAVE < 3% THD typ. 
  • Overload: 125% for 1 min. - 150% for 10 sec. 
  • Efficiency: 91% (full load) 
  • Enclosure: IP20
  • Noise: <50dBA at 1 mt. 
  • Interface: RS232 9 pin - SNMP option 
  • Breakers: Input - Output - Batteries - Bypass 
  • On Board: Manual and static by-pass, control panel with LCD display, E.P.O. emergency
  • Input Voltage: 230VAC monophase version
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz ± 20%

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