Microset PMR 30-4U 19

Microset PMR 30-4U 19" Rack Plug-In UPS 3 kVA 5-10 min.

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Model/Varenr.: MS-PMR-30-4U

Microset PMR 30-4U

U.P.S. Rack 19" Plug-In

  • Very efficient against micro and long main interruptions
  • No break system
  • Electronic voltage stabilizer and noise filter
  • Green mode and high efficiency operating


Modern and reliable UPS rack 19" mounting, monophase on line double conversion, no break, always operative - with or without mains.  


Microprocessor control, static bypass, pure sine waveform. 


The PMR series are the better choice, modular and efficient, to supply in totally safety: networking and server systems, telecommunication where it is required UPS in rack 19" mounting. 



  • Digital display for easy programming
  • Monitoring software for the most popular operative standards
  • Energy saver operative systems
  • Protection filter for modem/LAN/fax


Inside batteries professional type. Extension autonomy facility. 


Power: 3000VA

Autonomy: 5-10 min. 

Battery size: 6 x 12V 9Ah

Size WxDxH (mm): 19" x 360 x 4U

Weight: 37 kg

Load: 5-6


  • Output: 230V ± 2% monophase 50Hz ± 0,5%
  • Waveform: PURE SINE
  • THD: < 3% on resistive load
  • Overload: 125% per 1 min. - 150% per 10 sec. 
  • Protections: Overload, overvoltage, modem/LAN
  • Signalling: Load level, discharged batt., exhausted batt., autonomy
  • Input voltage: 230V ± 25% monophase
  • Input frequency: 50Hz ± 10%
  • Interface: Interactive display, RS232-USB, SNMP optional
  • Voltage stabilization system AVR
  • Manual By-pass (setting by display LCD)
  • Battery automatic management 
  • "Green-mode" and "hi-efficiency" mode selectable
  • EPO switch (Emergency Power Off)

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