Eurocaster EC3509 DVB-S2 SFN Receiver

Eurocaster EC3509 DVB-S2 SFN Receiver

10.053,00 DKK

Model/Varenr.: DX-EC3509
EC3509 DVB-S2 SFN Receiver is our newly developed digital TV head-end equipment. It is designed to cooperate with DVB-S2 modulator and to receive DVB-S2 RF from directly from satellite.
It is integrated with tuner demodulation and de-multiplexing capacities, which can demodulate the signal from tuner into TS and then output through maximum 4 separate ASI ports.

Key Features:

1 DVB-S2 RF input, up to 4 TS output through ASI
Compliant to SFN TS requirements, support 188 and 204 TS packets
Integrated with demodulation and de-multiplexing capacities
Support LCD display and keyboard control
Support NMS/SNMP management

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